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Java Juggling Game Java Juggling Game
When the Java Juggling games first loads, it is already in 'play' mode. By default you start the game with three balls. To increase or decrease the number of balls, click the yellow arrows in 'play mode'. These are in the bottom-left corner. To reset the balls, click on the circular arrow button. This places the balls back in the hands. To zoom out, click the zoom button. This is below the reset button. If you want to customise the game, and create your own patterns, click on the 'hammer'. This displays the customise screen >>
Customise Screen: The large yellow arrows show the direction in which each hand will move, the blue and red crosses are the ball targets, the blue and red bars show the throw height of each hand, and the yellow bar shows the 'speed' of time. Use the mouse to change any of these. By default, the timing of a player's key-presses do not affect the accuracy of a throw. To turn this option on, click the green button in the top-left corner of the screen. Some preset patterns are already included in the game. To use one of these at random, click on the question mark in the bottom-centre. To restore the default settings, press the reset button (above the zoom button). To exit the customise screen, click the hammer.
Controls: Six buttons are used to control the game - three for each hand. To control the left hand, use d, s and a. Pressing and releasing d, s and a in one smooth and continuous motion (rather like tapping your fingers on a desk) results in the hand catching a ball (providing the timing is correct) and throwing it. To control the right hand in the same way, use the h, j and k buttons. By default, the timing of the presses and releases do not affect the accuracy of a throw. However, this option can be turned on in the customise screen, to offer a more challenging game. If it is turned on, the 'smoother' the key presses, the more accurate the throw. The two bars in the top-left and top-right corners show the accuracy of each throw. A full yellow bar is an accurate throw.

To launch the game in a popup window, click here.